Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Library

So I’m slowly building up my library of Warrior path specific books. It is somewhat slow coming as I have been building my Celt library for a long time, but this entry I will probably continue to add to as long as this blog exists.

I won’t begin to speak about what books should and shouldn’t be in a Warriors library as that is personal choice that can be dictated by one’s focus of martial art, weapon of choice or general viewpoint. I can only speak about the types of books I will classify in such a manner for my own personal collection.

Here is my starting list:

Zen in the Martial Arts – Joe Hyams

Complete Krav Maga – Darren Levine & John Whitman

No Holds Barred Fighting: The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning – Mark Hatmaker

Training for Warriors: The Ultimate MMA Workbook – Martin Rooney

The Mixed Martial Arts Handbook – John Ritschel

The Navy Seal Workout – Mark De Lisle

The Gleason’s Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women – Hector Roca & Bruce Silverglade (good general boxing instruction & the workouts kick your butt)

Fight Like a Girl…and Win – Lori Hartman Gervasi *Highly recommended for female empowerment

Armed & Female – Paxton Quigley (wishlist)

The Art of War – Sun Tzu (special edition also includes Frederick the Great’s Instructions to His Generals and Machiavelli’s The Prince)

Celtic Warriors – Timothy Newark

Lords of Battle: The World of a Celtic Warrior – Stephen Allen

SAS Survival Guide – John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

2 DVD Roms w/ manuals for-

Aikido, Boxing, U.S. Air Force Combat, Army Field, Marine Martial Arts, Martial Arts Philisophy, Army Physical Fitness, Air Force Security Forces, Self Defense for the Common Person, Marines Close Combat, Air Force Deployment Survival, Army Cold Weather Survival, Army Desert Survival, Army Engineers Field Fortification, Army “How To Avoid Getting Lost,” Marine Water Survival, Army General Survival, USMC Summer Survival, USMC Winter Survival.

What books are in your Warrior library?

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