Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"May I ask how you incorporate physical 'warriorness' in your life this day and age?"

Original Entry Oct 29, 2006

Another interesting question posed to me. This comes from a Yahoo group specifically focusing on the Morrigan (Irish Goddess of War, Lust and Death). Questions like this in a group that is, in essense, dedicated to war always makes me raise my eyebrow in confusion.

Question to me:

May I ask how you incorporate physical "warriorness" in your life this day and age?

And what would you say to someone who was called to this path who is not so into violence, let alone combat. there is little opportunity to change things for the better by fists alone, you're more likely to be sued for assault.

My response:

A warrior is one who is prepared for physical confrontation at a moments notice, but does not necessarily walk into one hoping it will happen. They are one who has the focus and courage should the need arise in such a situation. Hand to hand combat and weapons training can come from any martial arts form.

One who is a warrior doesn't have a need for violence or fighting, but knows how to fight when needed. When physical confrontation arises they know how to act...not react.

In my experience, it is the politicians that start the dispute and the warriors that end it.

Not all are called to warrior status...there were the farmers, the bards, the seers, ect. Not all are called to be a warrior first and foremost, but, in a specifically Celtic sense, all were trained, including the women (or so the Romans have written).

My question can a Goddess of war be useful to someone who is appalled by the very thought and nature of war?

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pre-workout Meditation

So I've begun applying the ADF Two Powers "focus" to my personal meditation, but my meditation is not at all passive. My meditation of choice is quite the opposite as it is part of my "physical training." My issue, and it's not uncommon I have come to find, is that I am not a fan of "quiet" and "sitting" meditation. I'm not a fan of my rituals being that way either so there is at least some form of movement in my personal rites in order to help gather energy. I guess growing up in a noisy house where one couldn't even sleep without the TV on, I've become accustomed to that.

As I consider myself first and foremost on the warrior path, my pre-training ritual is to take a second to acknowledge my patron, The Morrígan. I do consider my training part of my worship to Her. I have found an easy way to incorporate the ideal of the Two Powers (fire/deity and water/ancestors) in conjunction with my original ritual. I do light a candle specifically for The Morrígan, but now I'm incorporating two more candles. To use a candle to also represent water may seem counter intuitive, but the flame always seems to help me focus and clear my mind.

I've found a comfortable visualization for myself. Lighting the Water/Ancestors candle I picture myself standing in a stream as the ancients fight around me, blood being spilled mixing with the water and that energy flowing up through my feet. While focusing on the Fire/Deity candle, I picture the "fire in the head" and see a glow from mine out to the air around me where the deities are watching from afar, then visualize their energy radiating back in. Both energies meet in the center as I light The Morrígan candle.

This process takes about a minute to begin, but holding on to that visualization can be difficult. I do, however, find that it truly helps me focus on my full body and focused breathing on that centered energy. Granted, there is a struggle, but I can at least hold on to the feeling at the beginning of the work out. Next step is seeing how long I can keep it as my workouts last around an hour.