Sunday, July 3, 2011

Be Mad!

In Fight Like A Girl…and Win by Lori Hartman Gervasi she tells her female readers to “decide to – believe in your fight, devise a strategy, recognize the attack and initial threat, move and act on your instincts .” These are most definitely things to get a female into self defense training, but females are very emotion based. We are driven by any range of emotional reactions so I say add to that list decide to get mad and stay that way!

If you’re going to last in a fight from an unwanted attacker decide to be pissed off. This person is fucking with your life and if that doesn’t bother you then he is fucking with the lives of your family members. Whether or not you are alone when you get attacked your family will be affected. If your family is with you and specifically your kids Gods help the people that attack you. There is nothing like a momma bear protecting her cubs.

You and your family have every right to stay alive and that means not fighting fair. You think your attacker is going to fight fair? Screw that! Bite! Scratch! Kick! Grab something, ANYTHING and start swinging! Scream! Cuss! Draw attention to yourself! Yell! Yell for help or yell for the police! Yell “this fucker is trying to kill me!” Make your voice be heard because you’re mad and everyone needs to hear it! Fight back as if your life depends on it because it does!

Decide to be mad because you should be! There are no “ladies” on the battlefield so don’t be scared! Be mad!

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