Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do your words reflect you?

I promise not to get too preachy on this blog, but I felt this fit perfectly here since I have not mentioned my faith very much. Enjoy! -

My words reflect who I am and what I believe. I'm a Warrior who lives the philosophy of the Fianna - "Truth in our hearts, Strength in our arms and Fulfillment in our tongues." Truth is spirituality that is specific to the individual as revealed by communing with deity and study. Strength is being physically capable of living your truth through keeping the body healthy and ready for whatever comes (specifically battle) and fulfillment means living a life as far from fallacies and deception as possible through not only actions, but through my words. Perhaps a more general look at it could be - Knowing Truth, Living Truth and Speaking Truth.

I pull no punches and I speak bluntly. I can do so without being insulting, but some consider my lack of beating around the bush as being tactless. It is far from it. What I recommend reflects me. If I knowingly recommend any group or website or book to study that I'm telling others they should read to learn from (in the manner that what they learn is "truth") and I know it's main component is fallacies that is a direct reflection on me.

Others choose to go about things other ways and that is their right. I prefer to be myself and speak my mind. We pagans are a vast and very different group of people with many different paths and many different opinions. I personally think that which should draw us together should be the reality of our deities in a world where they are compatible with that which is natural. Not a world where our faith is based on lies.

If we can't take ourselves seriously how will outsiders?


  1. I get the feeling that this is in reaction to something.

  2. That it is though not just one particular incident, unfortunately. Seems to be a trend that when you go against what is popular for what is factual the crowd that prefers the glitter over quality paint a target on you and come out in droves to tell you how disrespectful, pushy and opinionated you are instead of actually researching what you're saying.

    Flash over substance I guess even if that flash is a smoke screen filled with outright lies. It makes pagans look like jokes, imho.