Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big News

So it's been a little bit since I have written here and I will tell you that this will be short. I have come to some realizations in my life recently that hopefully kick started something in me to pursue a dream I have long had.

1) The least important realization is I have to get off my butt and keep going with my dieting. I've gained 3 pounds back and I know this isn't the "water weight" type deal. I have been monitoring it for a few days and I know it's the real deal. I have also been slacking a lot lately on the eating right and exercising. I'm not obsessing about my weight by any means, but I am monitoring it and acknowledging my shortcomings. I had originally lost 20 pounds and I still had 25 to go (28 now).

2) With the coming revelation not yet mentioned I have decided to focus on getting myself in good physical condition and less on the weight aspect. I know that the more I train to get myself where I need to be physically the pounds will either come off or I'll become a mass of muscle. Either works just fine for me.

3) While I won't necessarily reveal the big decision I have made in specifics let's just say I have decided to attempt to accomplish a goal I have had since I was a child. This goal is very much part of my path as a Warrior and would switch my path from being an "amateur" warrior to a "professional" warrior. I have accomplished a lot in the last few years because I was determined to make things happen. I will do everything within my power to accomplish this goal, but I'm realistic in that outside forces do play a part in things. Such is a part of life, but I'll make damn sure that if I don't succeed, it won't be for lack of trying on my part. At least I will have given it a shot. Regardless of the outcome in the next few years (as it could take that long) I will forever walk the path of the Warrior to the best of my abilities.



  1. I know what you mean about getting off one's butt. I'm doing the same starting today now that I have the doctor's permission. I'm starting slow and easy but at least I am starting!

  2. Yay! I wish you the very best on this quest and have great faith in your ability to make it happen. ~:D

    As for the weight, I think you know my stance on that as I'm pretty noisy about it. Go for the health, the strength, the stamina, the weight will either take care of itself or prove irrelevant to the issue of actual fitness. I'm betting that strength and stamina will be important in this journey. ~;)