Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The New Workout

I don't usually give endorsements, but I will say this...TapOut XT is not only the first workout I wanted to puke half way through, but it's the first one where not only could I not complete the Ab workout, it's the first one I didn't make it 5 minutes into it. 

Either I am ridiculously out of shape (which is possible) or holy balls this workout is hardcore. Definitely harder than the other 90 day workout I did and I love that it works in strikes even in the Ab workout! We'll have to see how it goes as I try to get back into shape. 

It's been hard lately as my sleep schedule has been more and more irregular and I'm not sure these new meds are working right, but it is what it is. Roll with the punches and keep going! At least I have my little man as my coach. No seriously, this toddler can yell like he is a drill sergeant! Heck, as soon as he got down from his chair afterward, the boy was doing push ups and hitting his punching bag. Mommy's little warrior!

175 pounds

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